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Review of Genius Intelligence Program Brain Exercises

Re: http://www.GeniusIQTraining.com

Yes , I was skeptical at first. Had to try it not only for

myself and my work in optimizing the mind but in being

able to honestly talk about the genius exercise training program

to the many on my email newsletter list who were

interested, some even passionate about maximixing their brain power.

Part way down the webpage, http://www.GeniusIQTraining.com

was a signup box for free genius tips. I tried this out

before buying of course to see if I could get a free sample

and validate the effectiveness of the genius program. In the

second email I was surprised to see a step by step exercise

to improve concentration and subsequantly IQ. It was not a

one time exercise so I kept with the instructions and

exercised regularly according to schedule.

In his newsletters, he had additional resources , links to

additional increasing IQ, Focus and Concentration resources. He

references Einsteins training and also explains how what he

accomplished with vast improvements and brain usage

percentage could be improved upon with the technques of

today and as included in http://www.GeniusIQTraining.com

... Concentration seems to be the key here as many

acknowledge. Graduate courses in mathematics and sciences

are mastered by those who have developed this keen laser

focus .

Creativity, Ideas spur from a lightning quick -Energetic-

mind. One in which is continuosly exploded through effects of

neuroplasticity and providing new challenges and learning

from the brain. Memory function improved with me gradually

too as a result and showed in an engineering consultant


The brain and the power of thoughts,

the power of intention is still a breakthrough

science with full optimization of our brains, mind and

even subconscious mind power still being analogous to pioneers

in biotechnology or frontiers in cell research...

I started to see real results in my life, not just with my

concentration but with focus, creativity

organization, thought processing speed and certainly

creativity. Others I knew through a master mind group

passionate about self improvement and never ending

continuous improvement of self especially the brain and

mind were going through the program. Thinking faster was

something I of course noticed in lightning quick

responses, answers just popped out. Not having to wonder,

think about it or rephrase the questions were signs

I noticed in myself and those in my mentoring or super mind group.



One word of caution, This is not a Overnight Miracle. This

course works but it relies on your dedication, a discipline

to stick with the training, even for months. Check out the

testimonials of others who have succeeded in increasing

their own Intelligence.

Visit http://www.GeniusIQTraining.com

presentation on genius intelligence exercises. You really

can improve your focus, concentration and even iq through this

proven and acclaimed program as seen in Science Digest and on CNN...

and be sure to get his FREE Genius IQ tips about half way

down this page - http://www.GeniusIQTraining.com

Don't worry, he won't spam you, just deliver some

excellent tips and newsletters.

I would seriously and honestly recommend Genius Intelligence

Exercises and Training at

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several ways.


- Leon Edward


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