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The Secrets of Fast Learning

Can you still remember the old Roadrunner cartoons?

When we see or hear the word “FAST”, it’s easy to recall memories of Roadrunner rearing past all the obstacles laid out in the road ahead of him.

In some ways, it would be true if we said one could compare learning with running. Running can be exhilarating and of course, it gets you to your destination in a short space of time. The question is do you really get a chance to take in the view? How can you be sure you saw everything you were meant to see?

Having access to valuable knowledge from other people can be extremely beneficial and that’s exactly what reading is all about. Considering how much we can learn through reading, relaxing with a good book is not only enjoyable, but it also helps to expand out knowledge.

If you want to learn anything through reading, don’t fall into the trap of speed-reading. Unlike many people believe, reading quickly has a price and that price is, you’ll be loosing out on a lot of potential knowledge.

Techniques for speed-reading differ but the most common is to read by phrases. Yes, this will allow you to flip through those pages at an alarming rate but as we’ve mentioned, speed comes at a price and you’ll probably find that once you’re done, you can only remember snippets of what you’ve read. This of course means that there’s a strong probability you’ve missed a huge amount of important points.

However, speed-reading should not be confused with fast-learning because there is actually an effective technique which allows us to learn incredibly fast, without the need for speed-reading. While many may not have heard about this, the human mind thinks in terms of pictures rather than words.

In order to speed up the rate at which you learn something, you need to visualize the whole idea. This could of course be relevant to a single paragraph, a chapter or even an entire book. Creating a vivid mental picture in your mind of what the writer is attempting to convey, undeniably helps you to remember the subject or story. Hence, people remember fine details of novels they have read years ago, simply because they had created mental images in their minds as they were reading. Taking this into consideration, it is safe to say that if you don’t see anything when you’re reading, you don’t learn anything either, which in turn renders speed-reading useless.

When one applies this technique, known as visualization, to learning, the subject tends to have more meaning and more depth; almost as if one were reading in 3D. Of course if you constantly create these images in your mind as you progress through the subject, one is then later able to piece them together in much the same way as you would a jigsaw puzzle. Above all, visualization is essential to successful fast-learning.

Unlike visualization, speed-reading only provides you with some of the pieces you required to complete the puzzle and of these, many are damaged, thus preventing you from even using them. Yes, speed-reading can impress your friends or even yourself, but like a sick tree, it won’t bear any fruit.

Information changes with time and as it changes, so we need to erase it from our minds, replacing it with the new. Impressions on the other hand only change you and with this technique, we store our impressions away without fear of loosing them.

Fast-learning can be considered slow if compared to speed-reading but of course, in order to fast-learn, we need to take little breaks in between passages or chapters. These little breaks give us the chance to construct a vivid image, a means to absorb the writer’s message and are in essence; exactly what fast-learning is about.

Strive for great ideas and lasting impressions and always remember, impressions can and do, influence you in your journey through life.

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