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Improve Memory With Visualization and Imagination

Images are internal sensory representations that are also used in the
creation of memory. They can bring words to mind, which can arouse other
images or pictures. The formation of images appears to help in learning and
remembering what has been learned or experienced in the past.

Images and words can help you in remembering things by bringing
pictures in your head instead of just words or figures. Let’s say, in learning the
process of cell mitosis or cell division, most of the books that contain concepts or
scientific ideas have pictures to describe scenarios that are sometimes difficult to
be seen by the human eye. Another example would be the structure of a bacteria
or a virus. Graphic elements and visual tools, therefore, may become guiding
principles in learning conceptual or precisely scientific ideas.
Another example would be in memorizing the lyrics of the songs or in
remembering stories that you might have read before. In these two examples, the
memorization process becomes easier if you imagine the images conjured by the
lyrics of the song or if you create vivid images in your mind as you read or recall
a narrative or tale. Picture the actual scenario described by the sentences or

To further intensify your imagination, you have to actually feel what the
character is feeling. If you’re reading a story about a knight in shining armor
fighting a dragon, then feel your strength, the power of your sword, the heat of
the fire from the dragon’s mouth, and even the kiss of the princess after saving
her from the monster. J

Images and the formation of which, in the process of learning or
remembering, can therefore help you in improving your memory. Here are some
of the valuable methods which you can use in achieving an imaginative memory:

1. Learn to think with both words and figures. For example, in reading a
book, it would be helpful to stop for a while and reconstruct the
suggested scenario inside your head. This way, you are also
increasing the chances of not only recording linguistic data but also
some of the essential cognitive aspect of remembering, like the
reconstruction of perceived or imagined senses in your brain. The
smell and taste of ice cream, the redness of a strawberry, or the
thickness or thinness of blood described in a crime novel that not only
gives chill or excitement in reading but also makes your reading
experience more memorable.

2. In learning new ideas, associate these concepts with a very particular
image or picture that is very personal or relevant to you. Put some
premium on what you already know or on what is easily conjured by
your brain in experiencing these words (like in learning a new language
or subject). Put some personal relationship with these words like
knowing the origin of their meanings (etymology) or by giving them a
concrete symbol in your head.

3. If you’re reading a very technical manual or theory pamphlet, what you
can do is imagine yourself doing the scenario suggested by the book.
This is also what we call as vivid reading. Words and sentences
become alive not with their meaningful connections but with their
correlative value with reality. In fact, writing prose or poetry involves a
highly developed skill in imagery and mental mapping. Poets and
creative writers are said to be good not only in remembering details or
facts, but also in the creation of worlds or situations found within the

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