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Optimizing Brain Function in Aging Adults and Methods to Achieving a Better Quality of Life

Neurons and connections between neurons continue to expand as we age but not without a disciplined approach to never ending continuous improvement and utilization of our mind brain. The brain responds to mental stimulation just like the body responds to regular exercise at the gym. Work out your brain regularly and keep it stimulated with new material and yes even new physical activities.

The diversity of mental stimulation is the driving force to a healthy and happy brain maximizing growth due to neuroplasticity. Cognitive challenges and brain exercises should be vigorous and varied. Mental activities effect different sections of the brain and more than one brain region each exercise. You may be solving a puzzle working on decision making, yet areas of the brain more involved in attention, focus or even perception will be strengthened to a degree. Do not get hooked on a certain kind of crossword puzzle or maybe even Sudoku. Change up our brain exercising with new puzzles and take advantage of the electronic games on cds or digital on the web.

Think of going to the gym again. You would not spend all your time in a gym doing curls would you? A balanced and diverse workout on a regular basis will give you the best overall gains in your health. A healthy and happy brain is desiring the same approach... Really

An important aspect of keeping your brain young is to challenge it. As mentioned the variety is of utmost importance but also the skill level changing can benefit you greatly. Real brain exercise requires an effort and you may even be physically drained afterwards.

Exercising regularity is of course a requirement but a rigorous brain exercise routine is not needed daily. It is actually beneficial to rest. A happy brain loves rest and enough sleep is a requirement for optimizing brain usage throughout the day. Infants will sleep as much as fourteen hours , adults seven to eight with elderly adults six hours or less. Although studies have shown that adults need more, as many as 10 hrs at times.

As you age, continue to be involved in planning your life and being responsible. Join church groups or even focus groups. If you are living or plan to be living in a community, make sure you have input in several ways. Some communities have committees , suggestion boxes and organizers for day trips or other getaways.

Reducing your intake of food is a must as people are naturally gaining weight as they age. Living longer and healthier has been proven in many studies but significantly in one of the Mayo clinic from back in 1984. Aerobic exercise for 45 minutes , just three times a week will result in improved reaction times.

After clearing this with your doctor, improve your circulatory system and intelligence by consistently jogging or walking six to eight miles per day.

Brain enhancement as we age can be controlled as we have seen. Additionally, important steps can be taken. Stopping smoking, minimizing alcohol consumption, healthy weight control, getting enough sleep, regular exercise, satisfactory water consumption , eating a healthy breakfast are all keys to a happy and healthy brain as we age. This exercise should be both physical and mentally challenging.

Do not forget how to laugh. Laugh even more. Look for newsletters or comedies that will drive this daily. This is so important.

Maintain normal levels of blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Continue to stimulate your senses and meditate daily.

These are keys but new studies are continuing to give all of us the tools and methods of a better quality of life as we age for our brain, health, relationships and even spirit.

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