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Brain Diet and Food - Brain Connection

Emphasize Fish and skinless poulttry, lean meats, low fat or non-fat dairy products. Complex carbs as fruits vegatables and starches should make up more than 1/2byour daily allowance of calories.

Watch your consumption of fried foods, egg yolks, fatty foodscakes, pastries, etc..., animal fat , most shellfish (scallops are ok) and certainly minimize or eliminate it. Note that fat should not comprise more thgan 30% of yur daily calories.

Stay away from megadoses of vitamins unless prescribed by a doctor. In general. dietary supplements especially if they are taken beyond the recommended daily allowance have no benfits and may be toxic.
Limit salt to about a tespoon a day

For more details on recommendations for your specific health, see your Dr. and you can reference USDA Center For Nutrition Policy and Promotion

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