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Four Health Tips to Enhancing Your Brain

Long thought to be the soul of the human psyche, the human brain weighs in at

about 3 pounds or 1300-1400g. What we know about the brain expands almost

daily as new science finds more and more nuances that control our perception

of life around us. We know that it controls what keeps us alive: respiration,

digestion, heartbeat and a number of other involuntary or automatic functions

of the body. Without our brain constantly working in the background, we

wouldn't be able to live.

It also controls what we call "Our Higher Functions" or things we are

consciously doing day-to-day - abstract thinking, reasoning, dreaming and

thought. Considered superior to any other species, our brain is responsible

for our culture, advancements and higher level thinking including reading,

speech and extrapolation. Things like creativity and personality are

associated with the brain. We make decisions, define colors and smells and

that is just the tip of the iceberg. This very special organ perceives the

world around us and our activity in it.

The human brain is strong and some may consider it invincible; however, many

times as we age, we realize isn't going to stay that way forever. Like any

other part of our body, the brain is subject to the ravages of time, and our

lifestyles affect it to a greater or lesser degree. As we age, the brain

becomes slower in its functioning and its ability to rejuvenate itself. But,

through science, we've also discovered that this doesn't have to be the end

of things. There are many ways to enhance and improve our brain power and

forestall the slowing down that comes with aging. This article gives you four

excellent tips to get your started in reversing the damages that time causes.

Tip #1: Healthy lifestyles are the key

Integral to our overall anatomy, the brain is probably the most important

organ in our bodies because without it, we could not function. So, we need to

treat it like the special organ that it is. For the person who drinks heavily,

they are damaging their brain more than the person who is a modest drinker.

We have long known that alcohol and other substances like drug use destroy

brain cells. Most alcoholics will argue that since we only use 10% of our

overall brainpower, we have plenty of spare brain cells to call on. This is

more myth than reality. Drinking does nothing to activate the other 90% of

our brain's capacity, and this fallacy will cause alcoholism to destroy our

organ faster than believed. As a result, if you think of that 10% we're using

as a lifetime organ, we should go to great lengths to preserve and protect it.

Tip #2: Eat well and your brain will thank you.

You know the saying: "Garbage in; Garbage Out". This applies to healthy

eating to keep the brain operating at peak efficiency. Consuming the correct

sets of food definitely benefits the brain. Consider this: the brain is the

most active part of the body. In order to keep the brain vibrant and alive,

we must give it the best fuel available. The brain is always on even when we'

re sleeping, so having an abundance of good fuel will keep the brain fit and

thriving. Good foods will be greatly appreciated by your brain, and in return

it will deliver excellent computing and reasoning powers. Never underestimate

the power of a balanced diet, exercise and adequate sleep when it comes to

staying focused and alert.

Tip #3: Exercise Makes the Brain Grow Stronger

Taking the time to get proper exercise is an excellent way for the body and

brain to operate at maximum effectiveness. Leading a well-balanced lifestyle

goes a long way towards having a brain that's alive, fit and ready to tackle

any problem that the world throws at it.

Tip #4: Relieving Stress is Essential

Exercise also releases stress which can cloud and slow the brain's

functioning and create a good mood and a sense of well being.

The brain is an organ that should be respected, cared for and cherished. We

only have one, and it allows us to make choices, and live our lives to the

fullest. A well-cared for brain will deliver healthy perceptions, and result

in a more active and fulfilled existence.

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