Privacy Policy and Just Visualize IT respects the privacy of its users. The policies below are in effect on the whole and Just Visualize IT property: website and newsletter.

No Spam and Just Visualize IT does not practice or tolerate spam in any shape or form. We do not communicate your email address or contact information to any third-party organizations unless you explicitly elect to do so by joining a partner service..

Data Collection
The following data is collected at your option and stored in our database when you purchase from and Just Visualize IT: email, name,  If you elect to save your site submission or other information, that data is also stored in our database. This data is only collected for the personalized used of these services.

Cookies and Just Visualize IT uses cookies for some of its services (Affiliate Sales as Clickbank. We never use these cookies to track customer habits or behavior. Affiliate Cookies are stored 60 days from each visit so they may be credited with any sales. Also  Get Response, our email Marketing service will tell us what percentage of emails are read but your name and  email address are protected. )

All members of the and Just Visualize IT can be notified of future updates and  have given  their permission to be added to the list. (an option to join this list is offered after purchase). Thee also  ia a 5 day ecourse that is offered by and Just Visualize IT on some sites.  At each signup and Just Visualize IT collects the IP address of the new member's computer and signup time. This is only used to identify malicious people that sign up with someone else's email address. We currently utilize Get Response Email Services.


If, at any time, you wish to be removed from the and Just Visualize IT customer product update list or newsletter when available, you can  follow the removal instructions included in each published issue .

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