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Boost Brain Power With Neurobics

What is "neurobics"? It's similar to aerobics, but instead of your body taking part in the exercise, your mind takes part in them. In effect, while aerobics keep your body fit and healthy and you should do them on a regular basis, neurobics keeps your mind fit and healthy by the same token, and you should do them regularly, too. If you're someone who follows the same routine again and day out, this'll create some fun -- and some chaos -- for you.

It's fascinating to explore neurobics because they let you use all of your senses and exercise your brain, too. As you exercise your brain, you also explore emotional senses and see how everything works together. When you engage in these types of activities your brain is going to get stronger. And in fact, it will also help you grow new brain cells, which is very important for your overall mental health and well being.

There are a lot of fun activities you can try that fall into this type of category. For example, you can eat or get dressed with your eyes closed instead of open -- which changes things up a bit. You have to rely on other senses besides your sight to get these things done. Or, you can have a conversation with someone entirely through body language and not words. How does that challenge you when you express yourself?

Another way you can use neurobics is when you explore two things at the same time. It's not multitasking, but rather doing two things at once so that your mind unleashes its creativity. For example, you can listen to music on the radio and draw at the same time.

Many of us do routine things day in and day out that we don't even notice. These are simply things we engage in day after day, and we take part in them without thinking about doing things differently. This type of neurobics may involve, for example, changing up normal routines. For example, if you normally clean your kitchen first during your house cleaning routine, you can change it up and do it last, or in the middle. Or, start your day differently than you normally do, brushing your teeth first instead of showering first, or vice versa.

You can also practice neurobics by doing things with your nondominant hand for an entire day. This is going to be very challenging indeed, and it's going to take a lot of concentration. You may discover, too, that you'll get better at it as the day goes on. It's in fact going to alter the way your brain has to think when you do tasks that have become very automatic for you.

There are lots of different ways you can experiment with neurobics. Have some fun and do what you can to learn from this different type of thinking. You can do many of these tasks at work, at home, when you travel. What's important, though, is that you identify those tasks you do in one way, and then make a conscious effort to do them differently. You can also keep notes documenting your discoveries, as well as the neurobic activities you've done and what their outcomes were.

Neurobics can be a lot of fun to take part in, because they'll help you develop your mind. And, they'll help you appreciate your brain and what it does for you every day. You'll also have insight that your brain controls a lot of what you do, and that most of the time, you just go along with it without thinking. However, you can make this sort of "automatic" tasking a part of the past. As you explore Neurobics, you understand that you can change things up and always keep learning, in new ways, which keeps your brain learning and developing, too.

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